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Biddable City Bum Boy Osbourne is so stupid that he scorned the French Economy...which outdoes his statistical mish nash of City welfare, and the Eugenic murder of our poor, our Aged and our sickk

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Anthony Hilton: We must learn from France, not scorn it......
Problems in France seem to bring out the worst in the British.
The latest government reshuffle by Socialist President François Hollande has been rather gleefully interpreted in the City and much of the media as a spectacular U-turn.
It is seen as his reluctant recognition that unless he becomes more pro-business and ideally embraces an Anglo-Saxon, liberal free-markets agenda, France will never get out of the economic doldrums. In much of what was written, there was a smug belief that here again was proof of our superior economic model — that however bad things might be here, the French economy is very much worse.
Except that it is simply not true. It is, of course, easy to find statistics that suggest the French economy has lost the plot — the high rate of unemployment is one sign, as is the relatively low numbers of new business start-ups.
If, for example, you think the ultimate test of economic efficiency is productivity — measured as the value added by one employee working for one hour — the French economy is significantly more efficient than ours.

Four years ago I said this Coalition would attack the Beneifits of the poor, Pensions and Wages/salaries, they have TAXED the middle class with unsustainable demands, torn apart the relationship between employer and the employed (only last evening, as I left a local very expensive eatery, I overheard the staff outside arranging their overnight sharing of accommadation and the dividing up of the obviously scarce financial resources to pay their Oyster overcharged cards in order to get to their temporary accommadation) 16 hours work per Day...and they still cannot survive on what they are paid.
The Resturant owner...... Drives a Porche and also has a new Bentley.

Thus we have for five years had a government pursuing policies of austerity that are economically incoherent, have made a bad situation significantly worse and have put the cost of the crisis on the shoulders of those least equipped to bear it.