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US and EU expand sanctions on Russia

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Will the pair of you please knock off the CIA conspricay nonsense. You are as bad as Sampan. The reason this is all happening is simple. Europe is a better master than Russia. Do you honestly think sensible minds in Ukraine needed CIA pushing to convince them that being part of Europe is a better alternative than being under the Russian thumb? Seriously? I mean Europe has it's faults certainly but compared to Russia, in fact compared to every other place on Earth, Europe is a ****ing paradise. Europe is the worlds largest market with GDP higher than both China and the US. Combined we make more stuff than China, combined we make far more money than the US. Economically a choice between the EU and Russia is a complete no brainier. That alone would be enough to convince almost any country of the virtues of European membership but when it comes to the Ukraine simple economics takes second place to something far more important. Since 1775 the Ukrainian people have been under an almost permanent and bloody occupation by Russia (I say the Ukranian people deliberately because there has to be a distinction made between the ethnic Ukrainians (vast majority of population) and Russian emigrates). The statistics are appalling,every Ukrainian alive today will within two generations have a family member who was killed by the Russians. Then there is the not small fact that the Russian state kills people who don't tow the line. They kill journalists, lawyers, bankers and politicians.


You need to get a reality check, the CIA has had it's murderous hands in almost every conflict on the planet. The US doesn't need boots on the ground to influence the political situations in other countries which all have their own CIA US quislings who it can manipulate without having to get directly involved.

Every right wing take over in South America by a brutal dictator was engineered by the "invisible" hand of the CIA who supplied the know how and the means of overthrowing democratically elected left wing governments, and supported them through their brutal and murderous rules. So don't give me that crap that the CIA didn't have some input into the Ukrainian revolution.

You may not like Russia or Putin or the fact it is an autocracy but at least he is there by the will of the Russian people, more that can be said for the victims of crimes committed against them by regimes installed by the US through it's secretive CIA
It's a well known fact that the US has been pushing for the installation of a NATO nuclear presence in all of the ex Soviet states mostly with the consent of their respective anti Russian governments. It's a continuation of the cold war by stealth since Russia didn't didn't collapse into total chaos after the fall of the Soviet regime to be manipulated by western venture capitalists.

You are either blind or naive not to recognise that the CIA spies and agents who operate in every country including Britain, and, especially active in countries bordering Russia. I'm not whitewashing the Autocrat Putin but pointing out the dangers in having a provocative Nuclear presence in countries bordering Russia and how the Russians view this. This includes the overwhelming people living in Russia. If the Russians tried the same move on any county bordering the US would you hazard a guess at what America's reaction would be. The Cuban missile crisis is the prime example of what would happen. Threats of ultimatums and war would result.

The Russian political set up may not be to the West's liking but belligerent acts are not the way to deal with an international air crash tragedy in which it took hours to start calling Putin a mass murderer without any conclusive proof he knew any thing about it. The downing of the Malaysian jet was probably caused by the Russian insurgents who had captured the BUK anti aircraft system from the Ukrainian army when they deserted their posts in the initial fighting.

Lilly white US and Britain led the charge in Iraq Libya, thinking that they were going to thanked by the populations, millions died, and now both countries are in chaos. Refugees by their thousands are trying to flee these counties all because a complete misunderstanding of the complex nature and differences of religious and tribal history. Thats hard cheese as far as The US and Britain is concerned, now a closed book. Both have dealt with dictators and supplied them arms but nothing is said about this. The pliant "free" British media controlled in the main by the establishment big boys who keep the lid on most of their transgressions and plays the negatives down or ignores them.Get a life and stop looking at the world through tunnel vision.

Remember Remember this one: President Reagan said the Vincennes had taken "a proper defensive action" and called the incident an "understandable accident", although he said he regretted the loss of life.


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    Dear O dear...
    The Ruddy CIA could not find its A-hole on a hot Day.


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