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Let's rebrand the Liberals

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NOW THAT Nick Clegg, [I]pictured above[/I], is the captain of the Conservative 2nd XI he will, no doubt, want to do what so many of the heads of private companies and former publicly owned utilities have done before and rebrand his rag-bag of a political army.
After all the name Liberal Democrats scarcely does justice to the important role the party is taking in todayís political scene.
He could start with a new name. That would be near-certain to send the poll ratings upwards. How about Tory Lites. Modern, accurate and simple, could be attractive?
Or the more formal The Reserve Conservative and Unionist Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - the trouble is that would have to add the modern warning - May contain nuts, so might end up being a bit of a mouthful.
Tories U Like would be friendly and would slightly distance them from their less attractive coalition partners.
These days any product worth serious marketing has to be gluten free, add those words to the party name? Itís a thought, certainly the party contains no wheat but there is an awful lot of chaff so that one might not be a starter.
If they really want to appeal to the younger voters there is one that they could keep up their sleeve until the two component parts of the partnership get just a bit closer, if that is possible. The Brotherhood of Moan might well say it all.
Well thereís a few ideas for them. I expect that when it comes to doing it for real they will hire a hideously expensive agency to do the job for them. Itís their money to waste as they see fit but I have offered them a few helpful tips - worth thinking about anyway.