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The loss of everything you own and, your human dignity, is nearer than you think.

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The weasel words sibilently hiss from 10 Dirt St, evoking the 'Dunkirk' spirit and the myth of the brave people of England, stalwarthly baring up and giving their best, for the good of the country, bravely starving on meagre rations, all for the 'war effort'. It was far from the truth then, as the records of The Savoy have proved, The Politicos did not starve, they did in fact live in clover and, even then it was at your expense.

All of this political jargon about, stable government, our need to reduce The Deficit, return to prosperity, get the country back on its feet is exactly the same guff as every psuedo dictator spews out to the downtrodden masses: who, even if such a miracle were to occur, would not get to change their miserable existences by an iota. Those of us, who did slightly better ourselves, mostly through hard toil and economy, have already seen the little we had subsumed into the crooked greedy maw of predatory local and central government, gleefully aided by our brave city warriors who will valiently battle for every penny you don't owe them.

A great number of us, ordinary people, will be shredded of everything we own, our dignity even ours and our childrens humanity over the next decades, in order to protect the wealth of a few. What do we care if the pound plummets, we have little of them left, what do we care if our financial reputation in the world is not perfect, whose is, what do we care about financial organisations, who have swindled us for years, let them find their own salvation as we must: and, finanally what do we give a toss for about stinking politicians and their aspirations. We know by now that they don't care a shag about us.
How can we help ourselves?


  1. coalition's Avatar
    What on Earth is going on: 'Brideshead' is telling the press that "we can vote for our own hanging."
    We will have a say, he states, on what services we can cut to save OUR money. To say FLABBERGASTED at this shear hypocracy IS AN IMMEDIATE reaction until you revisit the patronisingly brutal and dissembling nature of the Eastern Berlin dictatorship.
    When we look for truth and inspiration we get vapid, empty rhetoric, we would all want to cut different things which would emasculate the very homogeneity to address the disaster in which the politicians and the Cits have placed us. There is no alternative ( TINA) put your money into gold bullion, you don't stand a chance of surviving with this stupid Coalition.

    Simon Jenkins in last nights Standard 08/06/2010 also laments "the fools who invoke the spirit of the Blitz"