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Brown resigns

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With Cameron's constitutional change for getting rid of an unpopular government from 51% to 55% majority he doesn't need the Lib Dems any more they were just window dressing to get him into No10. The total opposition including the Lib Dems can only muster 53%. We have a five year Tory dictatorship to do as they please.

The naive Lib Dems hungry for the trappings of power plus the grace and favour plush flats and ministerial cars can play at being cabinet ministers to satisfy their own personal egos, but truth be known they are no longer needed by Cameron to survive in No10. He played them for suckers and they fell for it.

All of the promises he made can be reneged on and in spite of all protestations can remain in office


  1. Syph's Avatar
    Expounder, it's called survival of the fittest; with strong elements of the will to power. The Lib Dems are a moderating factor in the already centring Conservative Party.


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