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Will the Lib Dems avoid the 'nasty' tag?

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We are in for a five year Tory dictatorship if the Tories end up with a minority government and the Lib Dems pull out this farce of a coalition. You're so full of pontificating about the democtatic process don't you think this is the sort of stoke that any cheap political spiv would pull

The Tories have cynically overturned over two hundred years of parliamentary history practice to hold on to office if defeated by a simple majority vote. We know now, and so do the gullible Lib Dems,[who are really no longer needed except for window dressing] why they were so readily accepted into the Tory lair. It was to enable Cameron to cobble his ad hoc cabinet together to give this outrageous decision a veneer of legitimacy. He doesn't need the Lib Dems any more, job done and dusted.

I hope there are legal channels that can be used to challenge and overturn this move to subvert true democracy. Everyone can see now that Cameron could have made a living playing the three card trick on a street corner.

The Tories are revolting: Coalition government faces first rebellion -

Paul Routledge - News Columnists -


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    You are correct regarding the ultra neo fascist composition of this illegal cobbled up union. But, you really only have your party to blame, and that labour circus is getting even more bizarre by the second. Just who could take the Millibuds seriously: do any of the obviously brain dead labour executive really think that these two unprepossessing turds should be let out of the chimps cage.
    One thing is certain it is not 5 years of Nazi domination, with lobour as the opposition it is likely to be forever.


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