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The deal was on the table

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The fact that Cameron is having to hold his nose and talk to the Lib Dems is because he tried to become a Tony Blair clone. Surrounded by a small inner shadow cabinet clique and "strategist" Big Joke, Steve Hilton and the Big Society, proves that his flawed judgement in every decision he made would make him a disaster as Prime Minister.

The election was his for the taking after 13 years of a Labour government. Ashcroft's millions into the marginals, a rabid anti Labour press [with one exception] a Labour P.M. more derided by the right than Hitler, plus Duffy Gate, three Labour MPs charged over the expences scandal and a one time 20% lead in the polls evaporating mainly because of Osbourne's gaff with the word austerity.

His problems are far from over even if the Clegg sells the Lib Dems out and opts to support the Tories. Both he and Clegg will both have the grass roots of their parties at their throats. Clegg is a closet Tory and would love to have three seats in a Tory/Lib coalition but is tied to enacting Lib Dem constitutional procedures. Cameron will have Tory hardliners breathing down his neck cursing him for his stupidity and demanding NO to P.R.

Whichever way this crisis of forming a government pans out, the Labour party is the winner. If Clegg goes for Cameron's offer, two years or less down the line, Labour with a solid block of seats in the commons and a new leader, will be ready for a return bout. With unemployment figures of over 3mn forcast because of immediate Tory slash and burn policies in public services,they will confirm Labour's prediction about Tory policies were correct, and that as Labour policies were not given a chance to be proved right or wrong they could get the benefit of the doubt.

On the other hand if Clegg is forced into a coalition with Labour, with Alistair Darling and Vince Cable directing the economy, and Brown agreeing to stand down when we are out of the woods, and a P.R. system in place it's bye bye forever to single party electoral landslides. In fact Cameron has unintentionally rescued Labour from a commons wipe out and placed it in poll position for the future.


  1. uncon's Avatar
    Is the labour the winner?

    It could be argued that it would be in Tory interests (but not those of the country) for them to remain in opposition as any lliblab alliance will have little if any validity as a coalition of losers. They would be an extremely powerful opposition and another election could be forced very quickley, with a probable outcome of a decisive majority to Conservative.

    Cameron can afford to be fairly firm if his party is behind him in this respect.


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