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Two new sqatters likely to move into dirt st sw1.

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The Libbers are about to do a deal with Droopy Dave. Imagine how the conversation went:

Droopy: so solly I said all those nasty things about you but the party made me do it,
Clggy: Well Droopy, I have your dongers in the mangle now, what are you going to pay me for a deal?
Droopy: we Nicky my boy, we are really from nearly the same background, Eton would have let you in but, they were being pressured to take those working class yobs at the time, so we we had to be selective. next time around Nicky my boy we will look after a good friend.
Now, how about a deal: I can't publish all we agree, you understand, it may reveal that we have no principles at all. letting the cat out of the bag that were all only innit for the money.
Yer right, is that the way they say it in Eton Droopy?
course Nicky boy, you see ... I said you were really Eton material, one of us boy! def one of us.
Cleggy: Yer, well Droopy, When can we see the money, the boys are pressing me for a big payout and they don't trust you like I do?
Droopy: I understand Nicky my boy, it was the same at Eton nobody trusted me, but just get me into Treasury Nicky Boy and the world is our Oyster card.
Cleggy: All right Droopy anything for a fellow Etonion.


  1. coalition's Avatar
    So, at last the " Psycho Weasel" has exited Dirt St, it is now safe for the Notting Hill Snakes to slither in and purview the accomadations. A small problem, well he is only a very small man, where are the Cleggies going to sleep ..." a little assistance to get into the Treasuary is one thing, but really, the less we see of that little schmok the better. Sam can't stand his minor school accent nor her strange Putney vowels". Its bad enough having to put up with 'Brideshead' always moaning about those Cits and Russkies not parting with enough spondulaks for his portion, well that's all right now, the bloody BOE should be able to produce enough lush green even for him to get a bit.

    There you go, problems always problems, that bloody electorate thought they had me shafted but I soon slithered out of that one , you can't top an Eton sneak when it comes to the slithering arts, ( [I]now, theres something I have always wondered, is that Rowlands tart stealing our copyright[/I] on the slithering arts of Eton, could be worth a fair few bob if I can nail her into a session with our Chancery mates), but I digress, only you can't turn your back on an opportunity to garner a bit of easy green:where was I, oh yes, the bloody electorate, and how I will make them pay for all the gripe they have given me, just you wait and see".
  2. coalition's Avatar
    35, 50, 70 Billion Pounds have left UK to buy crap businesses since the onset of the illegal 'Constraint Agreement' by Cons and Madems. Absolutely fabulous, for the City Gangsters there is no embargo upon what they can steal once our money is offshore: which is really what they meant when they said they would move offshore ...." it is only your money, Dopey, not us, actually in the physical sense, were not free to steal anywhere else except in dear beloved safe EC2/ EC4".
    Newcol, 'the illegal Constraint Agreement', are making thousands redundant to save 6 Billion, one insurance company Prudential, has just given away 1 Billion Pounds for nothing: how many families would have been saved the grief of unemployment with that money and, even worse, who do you think will have to replace it: yes, you guessed it we will. Change your policy if its with the Prue. the price is going up.
    I posted a time ago that we will be mugged, mugged and mugged, so long as we let Politicos and Cits rule our lives: they are smug and confident that we can do nothing about it .... is this a fact?