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Economists 'issue warning over Tory plans'

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So money bags Ashcroft's millions didn't desimate Labour, after 13 years our vote held up in our tribal fields and wiped the smirk off of Tory faces. The country didn't buy Big Society bull**** from Cameron and now his head's on the block with the rabid Tory rank and file looking for blood. Labour stand proud and firm in the face of one of the greatest Tory financial and media driven onslaughts ever experienced in it's history.

If Clegg does a deal with the Tories in his thirst for illusory meaningless power and becomes dish rag to be used by the slash and cut Tories he will become contaminated by the toxic association.I hope he refuses a full coalition with the Tories or Labour and let the Tories rule as a minority government not opposing the Queens speech and let them enforce their policies. They have highest proportion of votes for any single party, so let wingeing Cameron in, loose the reins give them a eighteen months or two years to prove exactly what they're about, then Labour the Lib Dems should go for the Tory jugular.Let then hang themselves with their own policies then face the public again.

Labour has to play this intelligently and not try to force the issue of a coalition with Clegg if his negotiations with Cameron breaks down. It would be a dogs dinner, a mish mash of policies including some Lib Dem hair brained policies rejected by the electorate which would weaken and erode Labour policies to resolve the recession and could end in Labour unable to take the full action it wanted to bring us out of recession and an early election keeping Labour out of power for years because of a useless Lib/Lab tie up.

Let the Tories loose as as minority party and let them do their worst and prove to the British public once and for all what they s stand for. Let loose the reins give them time to expose their utter calousness and unfairness when it comes to looking after the interests of the British people.

For Labour to try to salve anything out of this stand off would be a mistake, Let labour rest, and let the truth about the Bullingdon boys sink in.


  1. coalition's Avatar
    Like all dissemblers, claiming that the country did not tell your rotten party, along with the rest of the tory and lib dem twisters, to' bog off' forever, is clear indication that your not interested in our country, only what you can get out of it. To claim that this Gordanus or Droopy Dave debacle was anything else, other than a total rejection by the country, is surely stretching credulity.There are other people in this country who do not wave political flags about but calmly and successfully lead productive and honest lives sans the need to be a part of some gangster political party usually robbing the taxpayer blind. For the love of God go, get out of our lives and let us repair our country our way and without your hindrence.
    We do not want, nor need, your lot, or the stuffing tories or lousy liberals, with a 'Barebones' Parliament we can save our country, AT LESS THAN THE COST OF KEEPING A GAGGLE OF SOME HUNDREDS OF CHANCERS and hangars on IN TAXPAYER CLOVER.



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