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UK set for hung Parliament with Tories largest party

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If any one has failed in this general election it's David Cameron. 13 Years of Labour government, an unpopular supposedly universally detested Prime Minister, Ashcroft's millions concentrated into brainwashing voters in marginals, with the exception of the Daily Mirror, a universally hostile press including Murdoch's Sun personally attacking Gordon Brown and rubbishing the Labour government policies on all fronts, TV pundits scarcely hiding their subtle dislike for Labour, the expenses scandal involving three Labour MPs being charged, along with Gordon Browns bigot-gate gaff and the Tories blowing a 20% one time lead in the polls, Cameron lost it.

If Gordon Brown's job is on the line at least Labour have a more than able replacement to step in immediately David Cameron's job is also under threat. Maybe not immediately, but when the dust settles, he will be blamed by the Tory elite for the shambles of a dogs dinner of a policy "The Big Society". The election results show that the three leaders debates turned out to be not a policy debating forum but a beauty contest which Clegg won on the beauty bit but turned to dust when put to the vote, with the voters also scratching their heads about Cameron's big society.

The Tories are now in a hung parliament of their own making with the commons now in total disarray and unable to function until something is cobbled together.

With the Lib Dems in shell shock with less seats than they last had in the commons their members will be demanding that Clegg makes the best of a disastrous situation and use this possible last opportunity to get some kind of P.R. reform from any deal they make. This will not be forthcoming from the Tories because it would spell and end to any landslide Tory government of the future. Even if he tries flirting with Cameron for a place in a Tory administration just to raise his personal profile and ego, the policies set down by his cabinet and Vince Cable will come into conflict with Tory aims and would cause a rift between Clegg and his party.

All the results are not yet in but with the Lib Dems [if they are willing] and some minor parties Brown may find a way of forming a government and remaining as P.M..

This you will say is all conjecture and it is. It seems as though this Mexican stand off, will take a hell of a lot of negotiations before it's resolved, if ever.


  1. uncon's Avatar
    Didn't your party let us down by your inability to be tough?

    If you had ditched brown last year and taken David Milliband you would have seen a vote to yourselves that is more than the tribal.

    That is the reason why you scraped barely more than Michael Foot. You lost all the votes you gained 13 years ago. Labour is stagnant and seen as ineffective once again.

    You are using a country who would like to vote labour to get rid of your leader. The vote is anti Gordon Brown, not pro anyone else on the whole.
    You have what you deserve and frankly browns determination to retain power by prostituting all his policies makes me queasy


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