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Cameron warns over vote for Clegg

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It seems I got it right when I pointed out in a recent post that Tory fire would be re-directed at Clegg who is now faced with a disgraceful smear campaign which was meant to be reserved for Gordon Brown and Labour at this point of the election run in. The Tories are pushing the smear button in order to damage Clegg in a squalid and disgusting dirty tricks campaign. The signs of Desperation are creeping in to the Tory campaign and we can expect more of the same over the next two weeks. At least Brown has been given some respite from Tory dirty tricks.

Cameron when challenged by Brown on free eye tests and free prescription charges for not being in the Tory manifesto, he petulantly blurted out, "ok we'll keep them". If you noticed he stopped Brown abruptly in the middle of a sentence before he got to prescription charges so while pensioner's free eye tests are "guaranteed" [for how long we don't know,] there is still a question mark in my opinion over free prescription charges. I still think that means testing these could be in the pipeline leaving more than a million OPs whose pensions are just above benefit qualifying rate paying out large amounts for their medication and loss of essential income.

What is needed from Cameron is an unqualified promise that these items will remain free not just a throw away knee jerk cocky promise in a debate that was forced out of him.

Tory council candidate in Poplar was arrested as two men tried to attack Prescott on the hustings, as they tried to push through a crowd of supporters a woman was knocked over and another allegedly punched in the stomach.

One more debate to go and hopefully the next one will be Cameron's swan song his meaningless Big Society slogan has bombed
like a lead balloon. Oh! to be a fly on the wall in conservative central office.



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