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Brown has a good show, Clegg surprises, Cameron exposed.

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Faced with a refusal by the Tories to support any kind of P.R. I would quote the old adage "half a loaf is better than none as far as the Lib Dems are concerned. Mind you if their surge translated into 100+ seats they may be in a position to force the full P.R. issue as a condition of accepting a coalition with labour as the Tories so far will have none of it. Except that is, if Cameron was so desperate become PM, does, what he has all through the campaign, change his mind and sell his anti P.R. principles to become PM.

Mind you I can't see this scenario as the policies of the Lib Dems and the Tories are like oil and water almost diametrically opposed. It's more likely to be a Lib/Lab pact as their policies on the economy are more in tune, or, face another election which I doubt strongly the Lib Dems would want as they would relish the opportunity of shared power after all these years in the wilderness.

I would add that as long as the Tories are kept out of office I would be quite willing to see a Lib Dem pact and some of their policies adopted.



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