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Cure the Modern World

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Modern World has been under threats from Terrorism. We must understand its various aspects:
1. Mistakes of Modern World: There is some mistakes in Modern Civilization, in its socio-economic structure.First, its Enemy from within was Communism and now it is Post-USSR Islamic Terrorism.If it had not been Islamic Terrorism then some other monster had been born from its own womb.
2. This package of 20th Century Islam has nothing to do with original Islam as 20 th Century Christianity has nothing to do with values preached by Jesus.
3. All Religions have failed in making good homanbeings. Inquisitions and burning of witches prove this in case of Christianity. The Tragedy of Karbala within 50 years of death of Prophet of Islam proves so for Islam.This History must be clearly shown.
4. The history of Muslim States ( also all Theocracies)show their non-sustainability in this World. The people are subjugated, freedom of Thoughts crushed,liberals are killed. The Caliph-Clergy combine indulge in vices. Finally they are over-run by less civilized races.This History must be clearly shown.
5. The Muslim asserts their rights to practice Religion in Modern States and meekly submit to so called Muslim State where the ruler may attack Mecca and Kaaba and may plunder Madina and desecrate grave of Prophet of Islam as done by Caliph Yazid in 61 Hijri.This History must be clearly shown.
6. The TRUTH must be asserted that we do not know what is beyond this World and after this Life. We fathom a God in image of Human Values-One who is All Truth,All Good and All Beauty. We must adopt Universal Sibhood and Love as our creed.
7. We must eradicate Poverty and arrange Jobs for everyone.
8. Thus inherent sicknes of Modern World must be cured and thus Monster can be defeated.


  1. Trumpeter's Avatar
    Hello Manisero,
    I agree with you ,it was the communists ,then the moslems,they might as well concentrate on real issue of poverty and Love