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Tory defector blasts"vile" tactics.

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Unless Ken Clarke changes his stance on the EU there is going to be a mighty rift in the Tory party. By moving away from the moderate center of the EU Cameron has declared a "war of attrition " on the main members, France and Germany. The Tories have thrown their lot in with the ineffectual ultra right and the pro Nazi Latvian grouping within the EU

If Cameron was serious about renegotiating EU membership issues he would have remained in the main moderate grouping and made his case from the inside. His association with and wanting to lead this disparate band of odd balls is sticking two fingers up to the mainstream grouping before any negotiations take place . He has deliberately alienated them in order to position himself for a confrontation which he hopes will lead to the renunciation of all EU treaties with Britain and start with clean slate to pick and choose the bits he or the Tories want.

He realises the history of Britain's whingeing, and nit picking especially under Thatcher, could get the rest of the EU to lose patience with the continuing hassle and decide to cut Britain loose. He and the rest of the sceptics would rather be out than in and if he gets this message across strongly enough, UKIP will be holding their AGM in a telephone box. Ken Clarke is keeping his mouth shut to close ranks before the election I can't see this lasting if the Tories win.



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