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The Bolters - The Builders and Benevolence ( An allegorical tale of the risible).

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Politicians, like turkeys, don't exactly vote for Christmas, but we could not be held culpable of error, if we were to say that this appears to be an inflexible dictum of behaviour from the onset of their maiden speech.

All of those 'false loving' pre- election promises are soon disclaimed as, the electorates misunderstanding as to the meaning and intent of those promised reforms, Anyway they are now mere trivia to our newly elected colossasus who is busy rendering his undoubted genius to his new masters. And, as his form for not honoring his promises to his electors, is developed and honed on the crucible of political reality, he will rise high in the business of Government by deception.

And so on with the tale:

The Builders:

Have strived for thousands of years, through, slavery by the Romans, slavery to numerous Crowns, subjection to religion and Lords of varying kinds, fodder for servitude and lowly paid employment for the Industrial Revolution: plaques, conscripted, often unpaid, soldiers until not a family in the country ever avoided the loss of vital provoiders even if it were only to support a meagre existentence.

The population, through all of these trials and travails, with enduring stolidity, simply kepy striving onwards and upwards until it finally, after thousands of years, discovered that it had attained an financial eminence in the world and a standard of living which was the envy of other states.

And this is when political benevolence becomes Risible.

Never having been 'Bolters' ourselves we were always welcome for others to come and improve their prospects in our beloved country. We did not understand that none of these hitherto welcome visitors, ever had any intention of returning to their states with sufficient knowledge to help their own people to develop. No, once they found a country stupid enough to encourage them to pillage all of its wealth, naturally they brought their own kind to enjoy the fest and, pretty soon with the connivence of our political elite who, as usual,were tottally unaware of the later adverse consequences, and the burden of successful economic invasion, which is already financially collapsing our short lived prosperity.

Soon enough, we will have a minority - majority and all that it entails.

Why did the 'bolters' not return to their states, we know- do you?

Bolters are like Cookoos, anywhere the can get something for nothing.