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Like The Zinoviev Letters, The Belize Letters coupled with The Peerage Letters-

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Are an indication that we, coupled with the Conservative Party, are tumbling into the control of a person who has the pseudo profile of a Master Criminal, with a known history of dangerous and destructive behaviour as often stated by no less than the PM of Belize.

Every so often, in a political partnership such as is between Cameron and Ashcroft, a startling question needs to be asked, will it be the kingmaker or the king who will rule?

Let us try to examine the characters: A weak often called greasy, slightly dim and frequently seen as fawning, an evident low achiever unable to display any hint of leadership potential. The 'hard' man act is more reminicient of a bawling baby than a grown ups disgust.
Ashcroft is better described by his amazing achievements no lack of ability certainly and obviously no scruples.

So sorry droopy Dave, this is out of your league. My bet is that he may let you run to post the letters.