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The five precepts for election success

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Strategies and Directions for the management
of Election Campaigns

A disciplined and single - minded command

An orderly campaign agenda delivered at sites respected by the different factions.

Directy controlled unlimited campaign funds

Preemption intelligence of Oppositions media strategy

Do exactly the opposite to what your "consultants" are advising you to do.

In fact do what politicians always do: tell us that we can't survive if you are not caring for us.
Yes, we know you are a liar, but we have never had anything different and its strangely comforting.


  1. angelcountry's Avatar
    Dont even go there or you want us to spill the beans ?

    Is not even election yet you over doing things please do the right things or get a kick i tell you ?

    I dont need any help from any politician that want to ruin me to get up there excuss me.
  2. coalition's Avatar
    Do try to avoid the Latte, cows MILK is not agreeable to some constituitions, it excites them