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Cameron Murdoch the BBC and threat to democracy

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If the Tories win, News International will have a government that feels in it's debt. Murdoch is now becoming Britain's greatest threat to democracy. An example of the kind of attitude the Murdochs to have towards have to an investigation into the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World by a parliamentary committee was by saying the committee formed some kind of conspiracy.

The Murdochs are on a crusade to to establish themselves as absolute the king makers of who rules Britain by virtue of their media power.

The relationship Between Cameron and the Murdochs has gone much further than the relationship between Murdoch and Blair as both of their ideologies coalesce.

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  1. daz's Avatar
    clogs to clogs in a generation.Luckily my family aways wore shoes with leather soles.The freuds to,Thank god rupert is to old to see it all go.Also can the sun(that won it)please give D.C.(dave cam)the surport it promised.This is his time of need.Please dont let him sink. cher be daz
  2. JacquesMagique's Avatar
    Or maybe the sun should just report the news (if thats what you can call it's output) rather than being used as simply a propaganda pamphlet.


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