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The Tory peasants are revolting

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[QUOTE=coalition;100187][I]'fortemque infortia misi[/I] (t'was I who sent the warrior to war) and this is the legacy for all of the Rotten cowardly Labour Party: and us, the people who allowed it to be done in our name.
You write as though you are a caring man - if this is so - what on earth would persuade you that dishonesty could ever bring about an acceptable compromise for the reputable people of this once proud nation.
If you value your precious party then, for goodness sake clean out your rancid stables and replace your devious traitors with those who have a true English character, but never ask others to be complicit or to forgo their principles as an expediency.
Your party has to go, it is rancid from top to bottom and, no longer has any legitimacy, We, The Working Class, totally disown the labour party: they no longer speak in our name.
And, it is a long time since they exerted any honest effort to better our circumstances.[/QUOTE] flying-pig