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The Tory peasants are revolting

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I agree Labour/Tory policies are overlapping and as far as I'm concerned this has to come to an end. Blair saw the only way Labour was going to regain power was a move to the right and the main act that confirmed this was the exclusion of clause 4 from Labour's constitution. Most Labour people desperate to defeat the Tories went along with this after years of Thatcherism. Whether anyone liked it or not Blair was popular the evidence of this was another two clear election victories with the Tories in the doldrums. We were on a roller coaster ride.

What we didn't expect was the aggressive manner in which Thatchers policies were followed. With Blair so popular and unseatable and unstoppable, we went on a capitalist white knuckle roller coaster ride which ended as all capitalist white knuckle rides do in a slump. But this time it was total disaster Thatcher's free market policies was manna from heaven for the stock exchange dealers and the bankers who's actions spiraled out of control many becoming junkie gamblers and crooks playing the markets with others peoples money and receiving massive bonuses.

Blair got Labour into office but contaminated the party with the acceptance of the toxic brand of the Friedman/Thatcher ideology of don't worry, the markets are like water, will always find their own level. The problem is while this is true the human suffering and subsequent fall-out while this occurs is devastating.

That's very kind of you to acknowledge this but you speak for a very small minority of Tories. With regards to incompetence and dishonesty the Labour party doesn't own the exclusive rights to these failings as has been seen with the expences scandal and past Tory governments [the brown envelope practice in particular]. However,with the exception of a half dozen MPs the expences scandal was in my opinion quite honestly a Telegraph red herring,a hand grenade thrown to do as much damage to the commons as possible before the election hoping this would be advantagious to the Tories. Past practices and privileges encouraged in a large part by Thatcher who didn't want to be seen as profligate with the tax payer's money by increasing MPs salaries gave a wink and a nod for MPs to regard expences as perks and a part of salaries. The system wasn't right but the majority of MPs saw this in lieu of a justified demand of an increase in salary.

Labour has had it's fingers burnt and I am sure the majority of it's members in the commons have learned a hard lesson they won't forget, and this is the reason why I am prepared to back the party in the next election. The only other way would be to vote Tory which for any self respecting Labour voter is not an option as we would eventually be going down the same disasterous road again. It's a two horse race the other parties at this particular moment in time are the also ran.



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