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Are we politically logical or fantasists?

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For many the grasp on reality is very tenuous, at best, their imaginary lives are so much more the way they want to be perceived by those around them. Such persons always feel the need to justify everything they say with logic, and are tottally unaware that logic, in a formal sense, has little to do with how they arrive at important decisions. In reality, the mind is too complex to make choices that way.

For example, what is the logic in wanting to catapult a person who, despite having had every advantage in life, at almost middle age, has no singular achievement to his credit. In fact, to the contrary, among his contemporaries the appellation to describe him are, greasy, manipulative and fawning.
Indeed a close observation of his behaviour since his elevation to the leadership of a political party, who need to convince a sceptical electorate of their suitability to deal fairly and honestly with the governance of a brutally damaflying-pigged nation, would hardly make him a logical choice. Logically, it is more likely the alternative.
On what mental platform could we purport such an illogical decision.