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Bullying in the Government

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Get off your Tory high horse major, the polls are not looking so good now so enter the real Tory dirty tricks dept. Andrew Rawnsley's no names no pack drill tombe, based on tittle tattle hearsay from No.10 which he hopes will make him a lot of money by jumping on the "malign Brown" band wagon, has been seized on by the Tories to put the boot in. They have no policies worth mentioning so it's back to character assassination.Sadly for you and "bully" for Labour your petty little plan has again like the rest badly backfired.

Publicity seeking Christine Pratt, whose office National Bullying Helpline which is conveniently sited next door to Swindon's Tory H.Q. decided to put in her two pennyworth and was herself accused of bullying by the Japanese firm Sanden. Employees testified she was "aggressive and confrontational" in one case thrust her face close to a colleague and screamed into his ear leaving the man shocked and in pain.

This is just another attempt by the Tories to smear Gordon Brown by calling for an enquiry, also backed by the Lib Dem leader in a shifty eyed interview on TV. Rawnsley in his book has no witness evidence other than hearsay and I'm surprised the Sunday Observer used it as its main feature to launch it's new format. It's also now mired in the character assassination mess.

National Bullying Helpline is now discredited after resignations of Patrons: Professor Cary Cooper, TV host Sarah Cawood Ann Widdecombe and councillor Mary O'Connor. Singer DJ MZ Bratt was also listed as a patron but insisted she never agreed to become one in the first place. The Helpline is a privately run organisation. "One businessman told last night how he called the charity for help in 2007 and was asked by Mrs Pratt for a 300 deposit before she passed him on to an "associate" He was then hit by a 3,500 bill" Mrs Pratt has acknowledged the organisation offered to refer callers to her Husbands consultancy business which was legal and approved.

Cameron's cheap botched character assassination attempt on Brown is a transparent as the rest he's tried to pull off he's looking more like a 1940s fast talking spiv every time he opens his mouth.
National Bullying Helpline chief executive Christine Pratt 'screamed and intimidated workers' -

Gordon Brown hits back as bullying smear campaign collapses -



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