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Tories and the [Soviet] Co-ops.

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The link below is worth a read as it deals with Cameron's latest conversion to extolling the virtues of the Co-op movement on the road to Damascus [ i.e. power]. Co-operatives are an integral part of the labour movement, worker co-operation could be described as a form of socialism but I'm sure this is far from what is on David Cameron's mind when he floats the idea.

As a friend of mine commented " David Cameron and the Tories wouldn't recognise a co-operative if it crept up on them and bit them on their arses." I doubt if Cameron will be following up on this idea for any of the companies in the private sector as it lacks one essential for them - the ability of companies to make profits out of workers labour power.

Notably, Co-operatives are self reliant and depend on their own resourcefulness to survive creating wealth from their own members efforts. This is why they were set up by the early labour movement. Incorporated into this idea was that manufactured goods and produce would be sold at a fair price to members and other workers.

The NHS and Public sector Co-operatives Cameron proposes to set up would not be self reliant. While they[the Co-ops] would strain to do the utmost for the people they served they would be entirely reliant on government funding. While under a Labour government I have no reason to believe that although in the present climate cuts would have to be made, funding would remain the maximum the government could afford. The same cannot be said of a conservative government which has a track record of under funding these sectors particularly under the previous Thatcher administration as socialist medicine is an anathema to the Tory ethos.

These "co-operatives" would be at the mercy of a government hostile to the very idea of social co-operation and would fall victims to progressively creeping under funding, resulting in their strangulation by a government who believes in an alien ideology, privatisation and maximum profit.

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