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Tories and the [Soviet] Co-ops.

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People's co-operatives have existed since the birth of the labour movement and are a self reliant means of group help and distribution among members,to help the group fend off the worst ravages of capitalism. I think you are rather out of date and context when you use the term "fascists". You must be thinking of Mussolini's Italy in the 30s. The reason why I mentioned "Soviets", is they were councils in Russia set up just after the communist revolution not dissimilar in principle to co-operatives. What surprised me was Cameron's sudden conversion to a basically socialist ideal.I smell a rat an Aunt Sally to set up and subtly primed to knock down.

The Tories idea of NHS and public sector co-operatives is laughable designed to split and isolate the NHS and public sector institutions into a multitude of small groups which will be at the mercy of a budget doled out by an anti NHS and public sector government .A gradual [or not so gradual]starvation of finance will result and and when services suffer, as DCFGS3 rightly says, when the public complain, the government will say blame it on your NHS co-operative, which is, after all, a Labour movement idea, so it must be unworkable.

This is apart from all of the points I made in my post no #1


  1. coalition's Avatar
    Labour/ Conserative, what difference is it to us. Labour is not representative of The Working Class, you may recall us - those who pay for the Railways so they can travel 2nd class leaving 1st free for the tory and labour party and their union friends. Those who won Two World Wars expecting to obtain decent work, education for their children, a small pension after a lifetime of paying union dues and taxes, a safe roof over their heads surrounded by a culture they know and many died for and a little medical care from people they trust. Are we ringing any bells yet?
    You salute the Cooperative: Is this the same Bank which screws its depositors, is this the same Coop Society which charges more for food in its supermarkets than Waitrose? And don't get me going on Unions and what they invest in, the financial actions of so - called 'Labour MPs' they are a rotten disgrace and so is the Cowardly Executive which supported the slaughter of our young in places we had no reason to be in, and who had no balls to dump a complete asshole like Gordanus Brown .... The last Missionary.
    Do you care no - and neither do we now. Go to the Devil you make us sick.
    And as you all threathen us with the Bogey Tories! We'll handle them were not cowards and as the Scots did Bon Voyage forever.
  2. Expounder's Avatar
    The modern Co-operative deals in fair trade which gives people in destitute lands a fighting chance to sell the produce at a price that can sustain them. I thought this idea might appeal to those opposed to immigration to Britain as it would encourage people to become independent and self reliant on their own countries.
  3. coalition's Avatar
    I 'am sorry but that is not what "Cafod" of which 'Fair Trade' is an integer actually does, as often with Charities and Trusts the PR Blurb is always 99% different to the [I]actual [/I]. Cafod ie The Catholic Church, which we thankfully dumped out of UK with the Reformation, never ceases to refrain from swindling the poor and unprotected wherever they are. This is nothing but a Gangster Org. steeped in theft and Blood. Hitlers greatest Champions. No poor Farmers live better as a resultant of 'Fair Trade' Simply registering to use a 'Fair Trade label costs an arm and a leg. And the money never sees a 'poor farmer' - God Forbid!
    Farming land around the world is in high demand by food growers to supply supermarkets who will buy anything at a price. There is no shortage of ruses to increase the cost of basic low quality goods of which 'Fair Trade' is a goldmine for the supermarkets. It always seems to me that well meaning individuals are dupes of the whole charities scenario.And to often we take these charity tricksters at face value and this includes the Co-op.


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