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Tories and the [Soviet] Co-ops.

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Cameron has resurrected another Thatcherite Tory wheeze, making all public run services into workers co-operatives [ which is not dissimilar to the Communist version of soviets.]

Now there's a conversion, crafty Dave and his team have seen a novel way eroding the NHS. He said you [the workers] take over and here's your budget be free to use in the way you want.

In the NHS apart from the fact that standardisation of procedure and internal link up will go out of the window which would cause mayhem in the transfer of life threatening cases and purchase of vastly expensive equipment to meet new medial challenges [which could not be made without a centrally controlled budget] here's the rub.

Dave and his Tory cronies will decide what the budgets will be. While savings are going to have to be made, the complicated system submitting requests by the co-ops for their budget funding and of allocating thousands if individual budgets would allow them to play monopoly with the allocation system and by subterfuge wreck the NHS piece meal.This will Allow the private sector [in which many of them have major investments] to step in and take over the "failed" co-operatives failed because of inadequate funding which the Tories will blame on the credit squeeze.

We've already seen of the result of breaking up a National rail transport system by the Tories and turning into piece meal regional disasters not properly interconnected no national pricing, where on occasions shareholders can come before safety.

Labour is also gradually moving towards similar plans, the difference being they have a vested interest in maintaining a national heath service in what ever form it might be. The Tories have no such interest and will use the reform to undermine it by underfunding it.

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