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Ashcroft and Hague in mysterious Cuban visit

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It has emerged Conservative billionair donor Lord Ashcroft who has repeatedly refused to declare his tax status in Britain, and Willaim Hague who [forgive the pun] is remarkably vague about revealing the truth about Ashcroft's tax status have together both made a secretive visit to Cuba in march 2009.

It's known the two men extremely close, and Hague who has issued assurances of Ashcroft's legitimate tax status has been travelling by virtue Ashcroft's hospitality being flown on his private plane and staying on his yacht.

What Ashcroft's visit to "Communist" Cuba with the need to be accompanied by a Tory frontbencher was about is a mystery. As most of Ashcroft's financial interests are in Belize and the Caribbean and he doesn't spend time visiting various countries dignitaries unless it's defending his financial interests or negotiating increasing his largess.

The infuriating length of time it's taking the Electoral Commission investigation charged with establishing whether his company Bearwood Corporate Services through which he is funding the Tory coffers is legit is a disgrace. His web of shadowy companies and a legal team to boot is probably making it near impossible. In the meantime he is allowed to continue donate his millions into the party.

All past donations should be returned and any planned future donations should be held in abeyance until his tax status is established. It's clear from the amount of time it has taken so far that the commission is being given the run around. If his status is not determined until after the General election it will be too late to reverse the illegal advantage it would have given the Tories except for a slapped wrist for Ashcroft if a Tory government is elected.

The link elaborates

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