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Cameron tying himself in knots.

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Cameron and his team have resorted to fiddling the crime figures to show that crime has increased.

BBC Home affairs editor Mark Easton on his blog has rubbished Cameron's claim that "Britain is a broken society" Challenged by Mark Easton about his statement and his selective quoting of figures published before 2002 [which cannot be compared following the way the police recorded violent incidents in England and Wales] A Tory spokesman lamely insisted all the figures we used are published by the Home Office.

Cameron's call for immediate for cuts in government spending on taking office has been slammed by the expert financier George Soros who made billions out of the last Tory economic cock up on black Wednesday which put Britain into the red overnight. He says quote "Since the adjustment process to the recession is incomplete there is a need for additional stimulus. The political resistance to it increases the chances of a double dip in the economy and after that" unquote. Who would you trust out of those two be right.

Cameron's real intentions are beginning to unravel and his trawling of the bottom of a stinking barrel for non existent dirt to dish on the government is becoming more obvious by the day. In His desperation to seek the knockout blow to floor Labour, his spin doctors are clutching at too many flimsy straws which because of their inaccuracies turn out able to be used against the Tories themselves. That with his proposed financial incentives for the better off in society exposes his complete hypocrisy.

Cameron is out of step with the rest of the world and respected impartial economists. If he wins, it's back to the 80s and a real broken Britain as they created last time.


  1. UncleVanya's Avatar
    If Dave Cameroon and his Bullingdon Boys and Girls don't get their acts together, come up with some 'hardened policies' that are real and practical, then Gordo McBalloon and Pals might make mincemeat of them come the Gen Eelction. I for one think that the 'Neues Arbeits Partie' (New Labour) of Pseudo-Marxist-Commies have been an utter distaster for the UK.

    Mr Cameron, get rid of these Fluffy incoherant policy statements and just get on with it. He and his advisors should be listening to what their Party root and branch are saying re: policy. Unles he is trying to 'wrongfoot' Pa Broone and Pals into thinking that the Torys are just a big bunch of 'Big Girls Blouses' and are just 'Blue-Labour-Lite MK2' as many believe them to be.

    Dave Cameron and Pals really need to shift their gears into high. Time is short and Paw McRuin-Broone will be pushed to the wire to call a date soon. Unless he really does intent to go 'On and On and On and On' just like Mrs Doyle in 'Father Ted'.

    Who knows. Pa Broone might just be stupid enough to try and engineer a National Emegergency and try to postpone all elections for another 12 months because be has 'Tractor Factories' and 'Workers & Peasants Communes' to visit!!!
  2. WESTERN RANGER's Avatar
    sCameron and his fag Gideon are hopeless.I once only considered them unlucky,however now I consider them utterly pathetic bunglers.Let us face it these two
    would ruin a wet dream.Putting a stupid fool like Osbourne in charge of the 6th most powerful economy in the World,would be like putting a Junkie in a Chemists DDA unit.As for sCameron this creep has yet to show his Hand even about the smallest policy they intend to inflict on the Country.Also he has been
    WRONG on every single item he has spouted off about.From Hug a Hoodie to the credit crunch.The tiny band of old Etonians he surrounds himself with is only
    representative of his own tiny narrow World view.sCameron would have turned a Crunch into a double dip SLUMP,and only him and his Baronet pals would be able to shrug it off.The normal working people of this Sceptered Isle would have been torn apart much worse than even Mags Hatchet could have imagined.

    The Man is bad news,little wonder the seeds he sowed years ago are about to reap him a very bitter harvest.I wonder who is next??,Anyone for Hague again (Groan).


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