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Can Cameron lie his way into office?

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Cameron's concentration on his main policy pledge to boost cash for the NHS deprived areas shows how desperately aware he his of his achilles heel. His recent meeting with NHS nurses for "reform" ie, privatisation has been downgraded as head line news in the Tory press

In spite of being diametrically and Ideologically opposed to state medicine, he continues with his worthless pledges of defending and maintaining the NHS which he has previously promised to "ring fence" for the first year of office only.

It's common knowledge that the whole of the conservative party with the exception of Cameron LoL! wants to privatise Medicine in Britain. He knows the eyes of a suspicious electorate are on him and will distrust his pledges which place him apart from the mainstream Tory party they're promises to good to be true.

David Cameron to pledge NHS cash boost for most deprived areas | Politics | The Observer


  1. coalition's Avatar
    Well, the hospitals are PFI - in other words rented space... MY DOCTOR SON PAYS THOUSANDS A YEAR TO PRIVATE COMPANIES FOR TRAINING COURSES, WHICH HE TELLS ME ARE NOT WORTH A DAHM. But, he understands any progress in his career is controlled by these, private, training companies. Prescriptions, for those who pay, cost a fortune, car parking is a rip off and private food sharks starve the patients, or should we say victims. Nurses are mostly Agency, at 5 times staff rates from spiv suppliers.

    How much more damage can the creep do?


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