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Contemplating Moving abroad

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for a few weeks been reading the papers and watching the news. Doom and Gloom everywhere, gun crime here, knife crime there, old aged pensioners mugged by kids and the the Government burying there heads in the sand. It really is making myself and I am sure others, to seriously think about life in a different country, one that can tackle this sort of behavior head on. China even.


  1. TheLegalEagle's Avatar
    Yes i agree at this moment this country is very down hill at best. All you here on the news is 'Britain is the worst at/for.. etc etc.' But i dont think cutting and running away from the problem is the best solution.
  2. Back2reality's Avatar
    We shouldn't abandon Britain. We can consider using passive means (I don't wish to publicly advocate aggressive means) to bring the system down. When meltdown has been achieved then things can start to improve. If you are an indigenous Brit living in a town full of foreigners you could always move to a less offensive part of the country.
    No one should send their child to a school that has more than 10% of kids from an alien culture, otherwise they are cruel parents.
  3. Amunhotep's Avatar
    When I was about seven years old, my parents decided to move to Australia, 43 years later, I have observed the same problems mentioned by Steve Taylor. As for Back2reality's concerns. Try being the foreigner here in Australia or some other place. You will find being the "other", is usually an unpleasant situation to be in, better to be in your own culture. Remember England is a land of invasions over it's history, European cultures have been assimilated, there is no reason to suspect the current immigration will not assimilate. After all the British Empire controlled many areas the immigrants come from, eh:)

    My two cents

    Clifford Dubery

    Live long and prosper.
  4. maltiminvaletta's Avatar
    Leaving Britain is a no no. Apart from political correctness, Britain is a great county to live in.
    True English People must stay in Britain in order to vote against the political correctness that is permeating this Country, we have been invaded by malignant forces intent in destroying our way of life, by making us accept a sect dedicated to the destruction of our Religion, History, as these forces have done by invasion and now by infiltration.
  5. zoobee's Avatar
    Move to Florida. We have Disneyworld! No gloom in Disneyworld... it's the happiest place on earth!

    Seriously, I am sorry to hear that you are depressed over this. I can see why, but I am not sure that moving away from your homeland because of that is the best course of action. If I was going to move from my country I would do it for a variety of reasons, that not being one of them. Of course, you have to do whatever is right for you, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
  6. violentpacifist's Avatar
    Leave, noone wants you if you life is going to be dictated to you by the newspaper and the TV set with their crime obsession. I live in a average sized working class town and I've never felt threatened despite regulary walking home alone at night through a council estate.
  7. 's Avatar
    [quote]Remember England is a land of invasions over it's history, European cultures have been assimilated, there is no reason to suspect the current immigration will not assimilate. [URL=""]Amunhotep[/URL] [/quote]The difference being previous invasions were basically from the same cultures, or those with cultural values, that were so similar to the resident population , that they were virtually unoticable.

    Celtic and Wiking/Saxon religion, for example are extreemly similar. Different names, a few different mythologies, but basically the same.

    The same with Roman religion before them.

    There was no effort, it was not needed, for one culture to change the other.

    The difference with this new lot, is that they are TOTALY allien to the culture of the country, and the countries culture is also totaly allien to them.

    It is like airlifting an amazon forest tribesman into Birmingham and saying "There you go, get on with it".

    But the "Government is allowing this to happen in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

    It CAN not work.
  8. Battleborne's Avatar
    One can run but never hide!...Most people take with them the same issues they are running from...why not try the old and proven concept of cleaning up what is wrong in ones own country rather than the cowards approach of 'Cut and Run' Just my two cents worth!;)
  9. 's Avatar
    Short of arranging a replay of the winter palace in Wesminster, what do you suggest?

    All the political parties are offering the same shite. So voting is not going to work.
  10. Janus's Avatar
    Buy a loaf of bread, some teabags and a pint of milk and pray for daylight.


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