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Reality of Politics

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There are universal facts in politics that are becoming secrets more than a public knowledge, and we should wonder and ponder why?

I am referring to the following:

1- The difference between armed forces and civilians.

2- The difference between military and the so called home made explosives.

3- The international balance of power.

Armed forces by definition are forces that can [B]initiate [/B]and [B]sustain[/B] mass and violent killings of people both civilians and armed. This initiation and sustaining originate in the fact that the State must have the de facto monopoly on the resources of the land they control. The militiary can only have these resources by the grant of the State hence the word "armed". Now, civilians [B]can not[/B] intitiate and sustain violent and sudden mass killings by definition otherwise it will be a clear contradiction in terms. It will be like saying that 1=0 and 0=1. No self respecting person would believe this and yet we are led to believe excately that by the official line of the governments and the media.

The second fact followes from the first one and that is only military explosives can cause violent and sudden mass killings and that applies to any other weapon. The so called homemade explosives can only exist in the form of petrol bottles. To believe otherwise again would be clear a contradiction in terms.

The third fact is that in international balance of power there are definite arrangements that no one can defy. We have superpowers and their clients, period. The client of the superpower can only [B]survive[/B] through its [B]alignment[/B] with that superpower. Superpowers can be multi superpowers (more than two like in the ancient world) or two superpowers like in the cold war era between USA and USSR. Our time is quite rare in that we only have one superpower and by definition the rest of the world is a client to the USA de facto. This means no State can [B]survive[/B] without aligning itself with the interests of the USA let alone challenging and threatining the USA.

Armed with these three facts you will begin to see clearly the biggest [B]deception[/B] in politics ever conducted.

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