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    [FONT=Tahoma]Fascinating your viewpoint on something that has outlasted many attempts to crush, discredit and irradiate it for two millennia. You write as some deep academic and although I would not pretend to be highly educated I am not thick but I found your writing quite hard to follow. That said I would concur with you in that what humans have portrayed as Christianity will probably fail sooner or later. indeed as a person who accepts that there is order and design all around us which is sustained by a higher being ‘God’ I would be happy to see certainly some of the aspects of Christianity fail sooner rather than later. However I do not think that the concept of this God and our standing before it will change before the end of time itself. We are a being of immeasurable complexity, beautifully constructed, and the more we discover about our biomechanical home the more wonderful we appear. However, you my friend seem to have fallen into the trap that we humans have done so many times throughout history. You think we ‘know it all’, that we are the panicle of everything we see around us. You fail to take into account that we don’t actually have ALL the answers. There was a time when it was believed that the human lung cage would collapse if it exceeded 35mph. there was a time before electricity, radio waves and the silicon chip. When these concepts were just out of this world. it is a very arrogant man who believes he in possession of all the facts. Who is to say we will not find a way of discovering the real meaning of Christianity and discover that far from failing it is in fact growing.[/FONT]
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    I have also got 'A Journey' by Tony Blair, but would like to read the 'Blair' biog. by Anthony Seldon if I may first. Or as a (in the consecutive reading sense) prequel, as I want to find out more about how he survived his university days at Eton if Seldon covers it for the reason that I am hoping to return to college and university as a mature student one day in the near future. I will be a well-read man.
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    With reference to the above, I have two books in my library that a friend gave me that will furnish me with knowledge for that purpose. They are probably the first books I will read on the subjects, even tho' they are dated, as what led to the success of our present leaders may in actuality be inferior to what led to former leaders' successes who were greater and enjoyed the popularity that went with such greatness.
    The books in question are 'Nofziger' by Lyn Nofziger and 'Images of Power' by Brendan Bruce, and Power with a capital P is certainly something I wish I could enjoy.
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    Unfortunately, I do not have the requisite social mannerisms to effect the organisation of support for such a party, so I'm going to have to work on it. I am at present interestedly observing GLW's ploy for party recognition on this very forum, and am amusing myself with his mutual converse. But I do not agree with all his policies, you see, so am at this time only really watching him. As to smoking a 300year old slice of Birthday cake, it has got to be some Party I will have underway, and by that I mean slightly better than marginal. I suppose when I return from "the wars", I will take more pleasure in eating it, as I don't as a rule smoke.
    It is a case of procuring the correct stylist and PR officer as well as psychologists and counsellors. I do know how to do all this myself, but my representatives would spare me the trouble of attempting too soon what I now lack in social rapport. Preparing the ground before making a public appearance would mean those working on my behalf setting the scene up favourably for my initial revelation to my likely subjects.
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    I am going to need you to wish me luck, because I am serious and mean every word I say. The time has come for politix to be given an enduring makeover that the powers of the world will ne'er forget, one that will wake dawdling MPs out of their sloth and sleep to a better way presented by enforceable means. This includeth the peace process, and the general prosperity of mankind so that our predecessors may have something to at last be proud of. One can take the microcosmic principles of domestic family situation and apply it to the macrocosmic issues of the Brotherhood of Man if you like, to effect a working law of standard discipline and the removal of all unnecessary evils. I aim to achieve this.
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    Good luck old boy Im sure you will do well. Yeash that cake would be a bit harsh.
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    Thank you.
    I do not want to fight the world order lest I exhaust myself unnecessarily; but I do want to along the same principles set up my own one to rival the powers-that-be cum contentio. I want to see a remaking of the whole scene where the stale air of past endeavours toward world unity is cleared and replaced with something wholly new: advanced competition from One who is perfect in knowledge and superior in strategy to their palliating intentions for world domination! I AM A RIVAL THAT IS CONTENDER FOR THE THRONE, and I with my nobler, superior designs intend taking it via usurpation!
    As for a 300y.o. slice of Birthday cake, it would have to be an ancient one (annus millenium) by virtue of the indwelling...would you care to smoke some of it with me?!
    As to fungus under the bath, I do not subscribe to unclean posturous positions. I prefer the broad light of day and the higher society.
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    You really should be proud of you writings , very imaginative. You should use your energy fighting the new world order , perhaps then you would have more time to bathe in the milky waters of the cave in the fungus under your bath whilst smoking a 300 year old slice of birthday cake.
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    You seem to have a good handle of the occult , I dont like your world government stuff though it is straight out revelations , infact now that you mention it , its all a bit heretical.