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  1. Fermentation Blog

    by , 30-06-2010 at 09:57 PM (Dr The Evidence's Political Blog (with Pop-Culture references))
    I'm so ****ing sick of fermentation blogging, keeping my mind focused on the topic is second its like one thing then the next moment its something completely different, its getting me agitated. My heart is beating faster and faster, my palms are sweating, my temperature is rising like yeast, the agitation and annoyance spreads, like a bacteria or mold, maybe even like an enzyme in certain circumstances. I curse this contest, this causes me unrest, its not natural...its not fer men to do these things...its all wrong and outside the rules....

    The world around me hates fermentation blogging, as I continue to write this it annoys and excites the people near me, they get all whipped up and angry and before I know it people are rioting in the streets. Over fermentation! ...