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    Couldnt agree more Corporal Clegg. Many politicians reputations are at present trading a little lower than an Estate egents. Not that trust in politicians has ever been really high in anyone elses eyes other than their own egotistical pool. If responsibility ever takes hold then they will agree the deal. I am not too concerned about the Northern Ireland question coming to light later down the road. We are never going to give up the Union unless a democratic vote says otherwise. Never will their be borders again . Once we regain full control of our Borders and laws if we dont like it well tell them to stuff it. As a hard Brexiteer I am also not concerned about a No deal. The world will not stop turning . However If the current deal delivers truely on the peoples vote to take back control of our Money, Borders, Laws etc then we can live with that . I only say this as a compromise to Remainers 48% because we must honour the democratic decision but also show the Remainers that their is life after brexit.