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    Of course, a lot is "left out"; after all, the literature about climate change fills a library. Yet, the need to act, and to act now, is as conclusively explained as humanely possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olde Europe
    Thanks for the concise summary, K. Admirably done.
    Thanks for taking the time to read it.

    A lot is left out. The effects of resource depletion etc.

    IAC, reason enough, more than enough, to be an "alarmist"....
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    Thanks for the concise summary, K. Admirably done.
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    What is the panic, why should webe different to Dinosaurs? Nature has known that Homo Sapiens were a dangerous error almost from the beginning, it has rained down every disease and virus it can, to get rid of such an unnatural abomination: only our vicious ingenuity has kept us from, nature is switching of the Planet, in the vane hope that will do nicely.....nature is surely an arse**le, we're tougher than even that......stop panicking.