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  1. For public clarity, interviewers need to press, press and press again ..and other written musings, May be ramblings also

    As something as important as Brexit and for reasons of clarity, openness, and understanding is it now time for our political journalists/presenters/interviewers across all media platforms to fully challenge individual MPs for their reasons for voting down the Prime Minister's deal. They are of course entitled to do so but at this late stage with the rise of national anxiety its only fair for the wider public to fully have a true understanding of why we are at a logjam. But of course those of us interested in Politics already know the answers to that.

    We know Labour's party political stance, don't want to give linage to that. We know JR Moggs associates and DUPs stance. We also know the Lib Un-Democrats stance, being the only party openly campaigning for 2nd vote.