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  1. Will 38bn be enough?

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    I looked into this claim a while back after having it thrown at me in a pub. When I looked into it, I found that it was nonsense - the EU accounts have been signed off every year. There were some concerns and some parts of the process where certain elements were not signed off, but if you look into most other governments in the world, including the UK, their accounts and audits results were no better than the EU, and in some cases worse.
    While you are not wrong neither are you are completely correct. To summarise since 2007 the accounts have been largely correct although there were serious errors between 1994 and 2007. However although the Court of Auditors state the accounts were 'fair and accurate' since 2007 they have refused to sign off that they were free from 'material
  2. Islamic State claim Las Vegas attack

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    Any links between this nutbar and Islam are yet to be proven. Just why beleive a terrorist network? It's not as if they are people of proven integrity, is it?
    As I have said elsewhere "Islamic state" would claim any atrocity anywhere to be the result of their call to struggle. ..... The question is do we believe it.

    I expect if the allegations made have some basis, hard evidence will appear.

    For myself, unless someone has pictures of him with bum in the air in a mosque, or being warmly greeted by Jeremy Corbyn, he's just another pissed off yank gone postal
  3. The Percentage of UK Law Influenced By / Dictated To Us By Brussels

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    I believe that a study made by the Germans calculated that 80% of their legislation emanated from EU diktats - whereas the House of Commons Library concluded, that it is “possible to justify any measure between 15% and 50% or thereabouts, depending on the approach.”
    We've probably done this more than once. I might just make a "blog" page of this post just for the information it makes reference to.

    I personally think the most believeable view is that put by "Full Fact" which does indeed conclude by stating the very words you have, taken from the same House of Commons Research Report.

    The opening paragraphs of their page show how exactly how Clegg
  4. The great Tory 'in work' scam (ONS) Office of Numerical Simpletons.


    [B]“Similarly, the rise in individuals receiving sanctions for failure to participate in the Work Programme has raised concern that current processes for evaluating the needs of benefit claimants are inadequate, potentially resulting in inappropriate placements.[/B]

    [B]“It is also possible that people choose to abandon a welfare system that they find de-humanising. In one widely publicised case, a man who made redundant was forced to go back to the same company, only to work for free under conditions of a community work placement.”[/B]
    [B]Considering the stated methodology of the ONS and the disadvantages suffered by those who have been driven away (according to the Oxford/London report), it seems entirely likely that ...
  5. One financial imbecile (Balls) and a Gideon (Gideon Hebrew: Giḏʻôn), which means "Destroyer.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1151081]And all of it comes from the actual taxpayers, not the rich TAX dodgers. And you imagine that you have a meaningful Vote, most of you could not answer a single question about the Pig whom you voted in as the next get rich quick candididate, you are conned by the so called Party, Tory, Labour, Green, UKIP who have not the slighest interest in need.

    The richest 1 percent are likely to control more than half of the globe’s total wealth by next year, the charity Oxfam reported in [URL=""]a study released on Monday[/URL]. The warning about deepening global inequality comes just as the world’s business elite prepare to meet this week at the annual World Economic Forum ...
  6. Are you doing the same thing, Cameroon the Loser; you lost in 2010.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150857][B]Your friend Mitt will be calling:

    The selling of Mitt 3.0[/B]

    Romney is promising he’ll be ‘different’ this time.

    Shortly after Election Day in 2012, a Mitt Romney supporter moaned to POLITICO about the failed GOP nominee’s performance: [B]“We had no message, and we gave it to the worst communicator in the world.”

    Yup! that sure is the Cameroon we know and hate.[/B]

    Two years later, Romney is mulling over another campaign for the White House, and this time, he says, things will be different

    Ya! you just gotta laugh.
  7. One financial imbecile (Balls) and a Gideon (Gideon Hebrew: Giḏʻôn), which means "Destroyer.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150854]Gideon (Osborne) the 'Destroyer' V ridiculous Ed, the total Balls-up of economic data statistics.

    [B]Main parties’ sums don’t add up
    Though the public is generally cynical about politicians, it hasn’t been cynical about the one thing both major parties agree upon: the need to run a surplus. A pity, because that’s one thing on which they are both wrong.
    A Government surplus means that the public has to give it more money in taxes than it gets back in spending. That’s not impossible occasionally but if it’s a permanent situation then the public has to produce a permanent flow of pounds to the exchequer. There are only three ways it can do this: by running its own bank balances down and thus reducing savings; by borrowing from the ...
  8. The Glasgow non panic attitude to visiting terrorists; 'Dinna bother'.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150801]Billy Connolly - Terrorist Attack At Glasgow Airport, Must Watch;


    John Smeaton - Come to Glasgow and we'll set about you.
    However could we live without Scotland, no dancing, lancing nor prancing, straight up and straight in your face.[/QUOTE]
  9. The fates are conspiring against our stopping Cameroon the stupid from doing a Chinese version of access the the WEB.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150774]As all 40 odd political stumblebums gathered in Paris yesterday, the only real intent they have shared is that they must own the World Wide Web, or perish.
    A few deaths mean nothing to these Dogs, all have blood on their hands and have little compunction against murdering as many Citizens of their political fiefdoms as it deemed politically necessary: Cameroon and his band of thieves do it to the Old, the sick, the poor, the pensioner, the starving children, pregnant women, in fact to any person they are quite ready to dispense with and, that is already running into the thousands since he first slid into Dirt St, under the door.
    Politiciansre well aware that they must control the web if they are to continue murdering us all off and get away with it; ...
  10. A tale two Tory neo fascist Wolves and our expired NHS; You can’t call it a National Health Service any more, can you?

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150770]Bye the Bye, we have only less than 40, 000 GPs in the UK to provide for over 65 Million population, basing the new NHS reforms was pure political mischief, even a Tory monkey could have worked that one out.
    [TD][B][SIZE=3]All Practitioners

    [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3] [B]39,211 [/B]
    [B]39,409 [/B]
    [B]39,780 [/B]
    [B]40,265 [/B]
    [B]40,236 [/B]


    [B][SIZE=3]Practitioners (excluding Registrars & Retainers)

    [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=3] [B]34,978 [/B]
    [B]35,120 [/B]
    [B]35,415 [/B]
    [B]35,527 [/B]
    [B]35,561 [/B]


    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]GP Providers


    27,036 ...
  11. I hate doing this, but it is necessary, otherwise the DOD dopes will allow the Political imbeciles to do it again and again.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150681]Iraq/Afghanistan was a living disgrace, a political farce to which the military hierarchy shamed themselves by involving our superlative young warriors, I have not seen such top grade soldiers since WWII, unfortunately their leaders lack moral fibre and the courage to deny freaky politicians, who are only seeking the win a war vote, ignoring the reality that we are the Queens soldiers, not the shagging playthings of dirty politicians.

    'Costly failures': Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost UK taxpayers £30bn/50bn/100bn?
    £100bn and counting is closer to the truth;
    Can't count very well, can you?

    The cost of Britain’s interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan has reached
    almost £30bn – or £1,000 for every taxpayer ...
  12. A tale two Tory neo fascist Wolves and our expired NHS; You can’t call it a National Health Service any more, can you?

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150635][URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]This imbecile and his so-called 'reforms' cost the NHS £10Bn of waste: Cameroon the stupid claims that Lansly lied to him about his 'reforms'...

    The depth of corruption in the Conservative Party’s new, privatised health system

    [URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Conman ...
  13. Cameroon the stupid and Gideon, the Stats clown, are diagnosed by top brain Surgeon as "dumb F**kers.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150564]Sorry Mr Cameron, neurosurgeon Henry Marsh doesn't want your endorsement

    “NHS bureaucracy has made working in the health service feel like swimming in treacle”. Who’s to blame? The NHS “privatised by the dumb f***s who run the Government”.
    “Nobody understands [the current NHS reforms], myself included,” says Marsh. “Nothing has changed but the cost is going up.”[/QUOTE]
  14. Osborne's Enforcers (consultants) force ONS to publish Data nonsense.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150455]Enforcers under the guise of being 'Consultants' are now the terror instruments of Ministers; they police the Civil Service and our Agencies such as the ONS and corrupt their output towards the Party in power ideology. This has now made a laughing stock of ONS output, as the 'Enforcers' brutalise ONS staff to publish outright bullsh*t, allowing the Tories ******* creation the OBR a clear field to shovel their chicken crap statistics across the media.

    This alone has cost us £2BN from the EU as they laughably accept Tory claims that they have rescued the Economy, pause for snigger as the IMF and EU urge poor deluded Gideon to enforce more BS statistics from the weak kneed Economists at the Office for Numerical Simpletons, even the BOE are now raining ...
  15. We do not need the City of London crooks, and we certainly cannot afford to give them any further Welfare.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150113][B]Small firms are a better bet in the long term

    [/B]Most large companies find it very difficult to grow consistently faster than the market in which they operate. There will be periods when they take market share from competitors but these are usually followed before too long by periods where their competitors take it back again.
    It creates the illusion of growth, and sometimes even delivers a period of outperformance that, if all goes according to plan, will last long enough to trigger the chief executive’s bonus. It is so much more exciting than slugging it out with competitors in a thousand local markets.
    This seems as good a time as any to mention — indeed to recommend as a stocking-filler — a new book called The Future is Small*, ...
  16. Does this seem familiar to you?

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150011][B]The 6-Step Process to Dispose of the Poor Half of America[/B]

    America's wealth-takers are all too ready to abandon people when they aren't useful.
    [I]December 14, 2014[/I] |

    Like this article?
    Join our email list:
    [B]Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email.[/B]

    One of the themes of the writing of [URL=""]Henry Giroux[/URL] is that more and more Americans are becoming "disposable," recognized as either commodities or criminals by the more fortunate members of society. There seems to be a method to the madness of winner-take-all capitalism. The following steps, whether due to greed, indifference or disdain, ...
  17. Yeah, but you see the problem, SML/MED firms don't pay baksheesh, so their outside the pale for our crooked City swine and MP's

    [QUOTE=coalition;1150010]Williams is a small-company specialist, so he would say that anyway, but he produces some stunning statistics to back up his case. Long-term comparisons have to be treated with a degree of caution but nevertheless he shows [B]how £1 invested in the stock market 50 years ago would have grown to £1070 if invested in the FTSE All Share Index but would have delivered £4,907 if invested in the Numis Smaller companies Index. [/B]
    But if it had been put into the DMS Micro Cap Index — of companies that are smaller still — that[B] £1 would today be worth £21,585.[/B] A similar analysis done for the US shows a single dollar growing to $3919 if invested in large caps, $29,400 if invested in small companies and $48,090 if invested in micro cap businesses. Well, ...
  18. I said we were occupied by Jackbooted torturing Yanks...Ya''ll sniffed.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1149578][B]Does this sometimes feel like a country under enemy occupation?
    Do you wonder why the demands of so much of the electorate seldom translate into policy? Why parties of the left seem incapable of offering effective opposition to market fundamentalism, let alone proposing coherent alternatives? Do you wonder why those who want a kind and decent and just world, in which both human beings and other living creatures are protected, so often appear to be opposed by the entire political establishment?

    If so, you have encountered corporate power – the corrupting influence that p[B]revents parties from ...
  19. If even the torture capital of the World can see the sense of this necessity to provide for the homeless.....

    [QUOTE=coalition;1149519][B]Why can't the dimwit Tories?

    Homeless Bill of Rights:[/B]

    By Assemblyman [B]Tom Ammiano[/B], Author of AB 5

    "I believe helping people who are homeless is our moral and civic duty – part of the social contract.
    I know not everyone feels that way, though, so let’s talk about how we can save public money by passing AB 5 – The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act. After all, this site is Budget Watchdogs.

    Yes, I said it would save money – perhaps more than $1.5 billion a year, according to researchers from UC Berkeley School of Law.

    Under current practices, law enforcement in most jurisdictions will cite or arrest people who are homeless for a variety of activities like ...
  20. Born. Gideon Oliver Osborne; 23 May 1971)[3] is a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury since 2010 and the Member of Parlia

    [QUOTE=coalition;1149512]No wonder the dickhead works under an alias, if I were he I would also scarper to Aussie land before the White coat brigade came to collect me...every other financial homicidal maniac, such as Psycho Brown, comes to a bad end..hurry up George, err, err Gideon Lad.

    Gideon, imagines that economic statistics are exactly what he says they are, and even worse, he thinks that he is doing a great job when, in fact, he has been a total failure. Will somebody please help the little swine.[/QUOTE]
  21. Eve Standard is still doing Fatty and Stupid Balls' job for him, and OOZEbournes as well.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1148390]At his twice-yearly set pieces, the Chancellor rules the roost — for an hour at least. His privilege of office is that he can put (lie like a the trouper he is) the finest possible polish on the UK economy, selecting facts with an assassin’s care and flinging them at the Opposition like throwing knives.
    But reality bites as soon as he sits down, when the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) publishes its more sober take on the nation’s finances; (for your Eyes only). We (some of us, Fatty Balls is far to stupid) quickly see behind the spin.

    Yesterday’s speech was a classic of the genre, [B]aided by the statistical chicanery of the recent overhaul of the UK’s national accounts[/B]. Take, for example, [B]the reducing debt interest payments ...
  22. With this front bench, Labour may as well surrender, it is an insult that these imbeciles are taking money for 'representing' voters..

    [QUOTE=coalition;1147896]Following Osborne's historic in your face (100 lies, absolute whopers, in 50 minutes) it was pathetic to watch the sheer confusion of Ballsup, the financial last resort guru of the dead in the water utterly ridiculous Labour party.
    The first whine from his dumb ass mouth was "I only just this minute got this information", boo hoo!.

    When, what was vital was to make the House laugh at such brazen bullsh*t, all fatty Balls could offer was a plea for his own stupidity; what the Hell was he expecting Osborne to say? admit he was an even bigger dickhead than boom&bust Gordon and had finished of the job of destroying the economy for the forseeable future. Let us try to educate Labour in how to deal with congenital liars; You mock them, you ...
  23. Does any fool imagine that the Crime City of London will ever allow the BOE, to cut of thier £2 Trillion welfare handouts? Where else, but the Taxpayer would they get their gambling stakes.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1147367]One example of how distorted the financial system has become in recent years is the way markets plunge whenever it looks likely that central banks will reduce the amount of stimulus being poured into the global economy or interest rates look likely to rise from their current artificially low levelsOne example of how distorted the financial system has become in recent years is the way markets plunge [B]whenever it looks likely that central banks will reduce the amount of stimulus being poured into the global economy or interest rates look likely to rise from their current artificially low levels [/B]A reduction in quantitative easing, (crime City welfare) here or in the United States, and/or a rise in interest rates ought to be seen as a sign that the economy is returning ...
  24. 'Tory failings cost �116bn' - Labour

    [QUOTE=coalition;1147342][QUOTE=Robin Goodfellow;1147190]Brown saved the global economy, look it up.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, yeah, more boom and bust; his own party don't want him, whether or no he will actually give up his seat as MP is debatable, if he runs he will lose the seat to SNP.

    He has told us 20 times he is retiring, and still he faddled around in the Scottish referendum, as usual he was ineffective.
    Brown is almost begging for a high profile appointment, instead all he got is pro bono charity work, nobody is that stupid as to want a psycho, power/prestige, mad pratt but then nobody wants Labour anyway. I expect they will be Third in the General Election.
    Now he is getting other fools to canvass for a job for him:
    Where all the ...
  25. So Many People Are Badly Traumatized by Life in America: It's Time We Admit It



    From a crushing economy, to government spying, Corporate theft and Bankster welfare, political liars and endless wars, are we breaking down? Yup, we know that place...its other name is England.
    [/B][I]November 19, 2014[/I] |

    Recently Don Hazen, the executive editor of AlterNet, asked me to think about trauma in the context of America’s political system. As I sifted through my thoughts on this topic, I began to sense an enormous weight in my body and a paralysis in my brain. What could I say? What could I possibly offer to my fellow ...
  26. Wily Germans don't want EU buying UK 'Skunk Bonds' even as the Bank for International Settlements says that" we have no more space for useless UK paper.o

    [QUOTE=coalition;1143297]The Germans Just Don't Seem To Care That (We're) On The Brink Of A Continent-Wide Recession.

    No, and they don't want the Sin City of London shoving their useless 'Skunk Bonds' all across the EU. It is a clear case of the 'Biter' not being 'Bit back'; the EU have screwed UK for all it can afford, they have no intention of 'giving' any of it back, and most certainly not on our City crooks bogus investment bonds, nothing but useless paper..

    America did it for years, dumping crap paper on Europe, you (London/City) need to find some other dirty scam.... bonus Boys, as we taxpayers are tired of y'all living high on the Hog of off our Welfare money.....try a little honesty, it might confuse even the thieving Yanks.

    [URL]http ...
  27. Why are the media suppressing this cheap and even cheaper energy bonanza? Get on to it immediately

    [QUOTE=coalition;1143293][B]Israel Wants To End Europe's Dependence On Russian Gas With This New Pipeline.
    Don't we all, or do we; why are our seeming Parliamentary traitors and the useless EU concealing this Energy goldmine.
    Israel has proposed that EU countries invest in a multi-billion euro pipeline to carry its natural gas to the continent, noting that the supply from Israel would reduce Europe’s current dependence on natural gas from Russia.
    A proposal for the “massive” project was introduced by Israel’s Energy Minister Silvan Shalom to energy ministers from Euro-Mediterranean countries who met in Rome earlier this week, Israel’s ...
  28. And I missed it! I missed watching a rabbit savage a Canary, Millipeed the woman basher got 'furious' and attacked a Lady, it has not the balls to attack a Man.

    [QUOTE=coalition;1142528]As suspected, the Millipeed is Woman basher. Thornberry was quite proper in indicating that White Van berk with the George flag spread across his house front was the typical BNP expression of racism, she was indicating that UKIP was simply another Nazi party.

    So, it may have gone awry, but these little political contratemps are what intelligent and capable political leaders are expected to deal with and, preferably, not by brutalising a Woman.

    Normally, such a person as Lady Thornberry would be in a cosy Liberal Party, except that we do not have one, rightfully she could have held office in a Tory Party but, she chose Labour unfortunately, and got the worst of the rotten lot.

    Millipeed needs a good kicking...all the way out of ...
  29. Inflation is at 5%, but you will never know, unless I tell you..

    [QUOTE=coalition;1141293]:flypig:On top of everything else the low paid have had to bare our criminal corporations and their partners in crime, the Supermarkets, have increased the basic cost of food by 20% but they do it by stealth; as most criminals do.
    Chips are disappearing from bags, candy from boxes and vegetables from cans.

    Nabisco's Fresh Stacks package of saltines, top, contains about 15 percent fewer crackers than the old ...
  30. Now let me see...being that the 'pensionable' age is now work until you drop, who actually is living the Godwin dream?

    [QUOTE=coalition;1140888][B]To be old is very heaven in George Osborne’s Britain:
    To be of pensionable age in 2014 is to have won Britain’s generational lottery. The baby boomers have had the best of all worlds, materially speaking.

    Your healthcare and education came at the full expense of the state, university too. You entered the job market when opportunities were abundant and benefits hard-won by the unions. You searched for a home when council housing was still a thing and Islington semis were two and sixpence. When Margaret Thatcher began selling off Britain’s assets and liberalising the economy, it was your generation who won — and promptly spent — the proceeds.
    [URL][/URL] ...
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